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GreenIVe ֠Hemp Hearts ֠Hulled Hemp Seeds ֠Protein + Fiber ֠Exclusively on Amazon (3 Pounds)

QUALITY: 100% Pure Shelled Hemp Seeds sourced from the highest quality Hemp grown in North America. NUTRITION: Loaded with Vegan Nutrition. 10 Grams Plant Based Protein 12 Grams of Omega Fatty Acids VARIETY OF USES: With a very delicious nutty taste you can use Hemp Hearts in a large variety of ways! Add to smoothies, or on salads. Make your own Hemp Milk. PURE: Grown Organically with 0 Fillers and 0 Artificial ingredients you get what you want. 100% pure Hulled Hemp Seeds GUARANTEED: Backed by GreenIVe’s 30 day guarantee! If you are not satisfied let us know! We’ll…

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